Hello friends, Martha Lucia here. Today I want to share some new products and organizing tools that are making my life more easy and organized. During Creativation, I discovered the fabulous Blush Blender Caddy. I have the blender brushes and initially, I bought the circular holder that is very popular in Amazon but definitely I didn’t like it. Why? simple, because the circular holder don’t stock the brushes on place and is not practical to use.

Ring Toss Blender Brush Caddy

I decided to give a change to the Blush Blender Caddy created by Make it by Marko. They come in different and attractive colors.

My initially favorite was the Peacock Blush Blender Caddy and of course, I end buying all the other great designs and organizing tools to add them to  our Joy Clair Designs Store.

Peacock Blender Brush Caddy

Another product that changed my life is this Stamp Cleaning Tool. It is perfect because for health illness, some days I have a hard pain in my hands and articulations but with this design of stamp cleaning tool is easy to clean my clear stamps and rubber stamps.

Stamp Cleaning Tool

Since I have it, I never struggle to clean the ink off of my detailed clear stamps or rubber stamps again. The cleaning surface of this tool is covered in soft fibers that can get between the thin grooves on the stamps to clear away ink quickly and easily. The cleaning surface is 4 x 2.5 inches with a solid base and the best is large handle for easy use. The handle is also removable so when I need to package my crafting materials, I find place for it easily. The Stamp Cleaning Tool is also available at Joy Clair Designs Store.

Large Tier Glue Holder

I don’t know you, but the tips of my glue bottles are always thick and I have to take off time of my crafty time to clean it well every single time. Well since I had this Large Tier Glue Holder, the tip glue bottle is primed and ready when I need it. I don’t have more glue spilling or leaking because the bottle fits securely into the opening with the tip visible through the four windows. The bottom of the holder also protect the work surface from any glue leaking and reduce my clean up time. This product is available at Joy Clair Designs Store.

Phone Stand Clip

The last new product that I want to share today is this Phone Stand Clip. This photo is from the manufacture because if I used it with my iphone, I couldn’t take the photo….lol! Mine is clear but it comes in Black, Clear and White. The phone stand clip is universal compatible with smart phones ranging from an iPhone 4 to iPhone 10, Samsung phones, all android models .

The clip has three different positions to allow for different video angles. The first angle is tilted back for when you are seating up and at a desk. The second is straight up for when you are laying down. The third is for portrait mode great for reading, Face Time and Facebook Lives.

I hope you take a look of these products that made our crafty time more enjoyable and our cleaning time less hard. You can find more details about the new products HERE at Joy Clair Designs Store.