Hi! It’s Cha here and I would like to share with you a card with a +LGTBI theme as there are many people around the globe that is celebrating their sexuality this month. To make this card, I used a very beautiful digital sentiment from ‘Funny Times’ digital stamps. I love this sentiment and I think it was a good message on this occasion. What do you think?

The card that I’m going to show you is super easy to make. Just I resized the sentiment a little bit bigger as always, 2,5 by 4 inches approximately. I printed the sentiment with a laser printer. Then, I added gold foil on top and passed it through a laminator. I trimmed the sentiment as a rectangle and left it aside to create the background.

To create the background, I trimmed many strips from colored cardstock that I had in my stash. The colors that I used were those that are part of the Pride flag – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Then, I picked a 4 by 5,25-inch white cardstock and glued each strip vertically while cutting the excess. As I wanted a little dimension to the card, I also added narrowed strips on top of the others but those ones from the same color. Besides, I also trimmed 0,125 inches of white strips and glued them around this piece, as a frame. Later, I added this background to a standard white base.

To finish off this card, I used foam tape to add the sentiment on top of the colored background. I added this sentiment diagonally. Finally, I added some white heart and rainbow clay embellishments.

I hope you like this card!

Thank you so much!